Student Spirituality

Sacraments Program


The sacraments of initiation are a special time in a child’s life that we celebrate together at St Francis Xavier School.

Baptism is often celebrated in our infancy; however, children and adults can be Baptised during their lives as the first step towards becoming a Catholic.

Confirmation is when a child or adult renews their Baptismal promise and confirms that they are willing to become a full member of the Catholic Church. During the Confirmation ceremony, candidates are sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit by the Bishop of Lismore.

In the sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance), candidates learn about the process of being forgiven for their sins. This is a cleansing

 process that enables us to ask forgiveness for our sins and moves forward with a focus on becoming a better person.

First Holy Communion occurs in a special ceremony where a candidate takes the body and blood of Christ for the first time. It is the final step in the initiation process.

Confirmation, Reconciliation, and First Holy Communion begin in Year 2 and conclude in Year 3 with a series of special education days and family meetings. Upon the completion of First Holy Communion, a candidate becomes a full member of the Catholic Church who is welcome to participate in the Eucharist each week at Mass. Of course, everyone is welcome at Mass, but only those who have made the sacrament of First Holy Communion can receive the Eucharist.

Mr John Kearney runs the Sacramental Program at the St Francis Xavier Parish in conjunction with the school. Interested families should contact the Parish Office on 6681 1048.

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