Safe Travel

Transport Options

St Francis Xavier students travel to school in a variety of different ways, including walking, riding bikes, catching buses and being dropped off by parents. Bus students exit the bus at the main bus terminal across the road from the school- timetable details are available from Ballina Buslines and from Blanch’s Buslines.

Students safely cross the road at a supervised crossing on Swift Street and enter via our main gate, which is open from 8 am. The rear and side gates are open from 8:30 am. Our playground is supervised from 8:30 am each day, and we encourage students who arrive early continuously to use before school care.

The gates are unlocked prior to our 3:15 pm departure, and students either travel home themselves or wait in the hall for parent pick up or in the under-covered area for their bus. The hall and the bus lines are supervised by teachers until parents and buses arrive.