Our History

St Francis Xavier Parish School – 1892

St Francis Xavier School was opened on July 11th, 1892 by the Presentation Sisters.  It was run by the Presentation Sisters for nearly 100 years until the first lay Principal was appointed in 1987.  The school opened in the first church, which is now the ‘Old Hall’ and had a total of 44 pupils. Our current Kindergarten building was the second school building to be erected in 1952. 

In 1971 due to the efforts of the Parish Priest, Fr Dean Redford the two storey building on Swift Street was erected. This included the current Year 3/4 classrooms, basement and staff room. In 1980 the Dean Redford Wing was erected following the untiring efforts of Fr Tom Chapman. This holds our current Year 5/6 classrooms, toilet block, art room and canteen. In 1986, with the school rapidly expanding our Year 2 classrooms were built as well as the Administration Block and extensions to the staff room. The last of our classrooms, the current Year 1 rooms were built in 1995.

During the last ten years the school has undergone further refurbishment with a new library, teacher resource room, art room and a wonderful new hall, attained with the great help of the Parish Finance Council and the Australian Government.

St Francis Xavier Parish School – Early 1900s